USA Diary: I got put in Alcatraz!

August 05, 2016

July 8th, 2016

Yet another early morning start today as we got packed up and said goodbye Vegas, hello San Francisco! First impressions? San Francisco is so cool! All the houses are so beautiful and everything about it so different to any other place I've been before. It's such a colourful and quirky place. 

Our rooms at our hotel weren't quite ready yet so we explored the city for a couple hours. San Francisco has a lot of hills. Like a lot. Our hotel was at the top of Nob Hill, which is this gigantic hill (surprising, right?) with tons of practically vertical hills on each side. The trams were so cool too, they looked so old fashioned and unique.

Once our rooms were ready we got freshened up etc. before heading down to Fisherman's Wharf. Tonight was the night for our Alcatraz tour! The ferry trip to Alcatraz was pretty cool, it was later in the day so the bay was real foggy and eerie, which added to the creepiness of going to a famous prison. 

We took an audio tour through the prison which was really interesting but, I'll be honest, a tad creepy. The solitary confinement cells were the scariest i my opinion. They were completely black with no windows or light or anything. I took a few pics but not many - I'd hate to ruin it for anyone who hasn't been before! Had a quick look in the gift shop, my mum bought a really cool fog globe that had so much silver glitter. 

We got back to our hotel really late so ordered some room service burgers which were so yum! They came really weird though, with two buns only having the patty and the salad in a separate pile in case you didn't want it in your burger. I can't imagine a burger without some lettuce, tomato or onion?! It adds so much flavour! Great first day in San Fran :)

Do you have salad in your burgers?

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