USA Diary: Shopping Round Two!

August 07, 2016

July 11th, 2016

Today was round two of shopping! I was so so pumped because it was the day for MAC and Sephora, plus some more clothes shopping. I started off at Walgreens to stock up on some Real techniques makeup brushes and some drugstore makeup. I spent a good hour and a half in Sephora, filling up my little basket with all the amazing makeup goodies. I was literally in heaven, I'll never forget how amazing it felt to see all those beautiful products in the flesh (see my USA makeup hauls here and here). MAC was also really good, I treated myself to a few products from there but I didn't go for a super splurge since you can buy MAC in NZ - just for a ridiculous price!

We went back to Zara and a few other clothing stores, plus there was crazy story at Pacsun. So basically there was really drunk/high on drugs. He was hanging around doing all this weird stuff and had an armful of clothes. A security gaurd came in the store to keep and eye on him, and before we knew it he went running out the store, the armful of clothes still with him. Everyone in the store started chasing after him and it was crazy!

After all the shopping was done we went out to Lori's diner for dinner which was really good. A classic American diner but the portions were insane! I ordered a chicken and bacon club sandwich which was the equivalent of two foot long subs from subway! Although delicious I couldn't eat it all! Another thing I love about America - they always have chocolate milk on the menu. Pretty much my favourite beverage, why is this not common in NZ?? S/O to all you chocolate milk lovers out there!

Do you like chocolate milk?

Stay Sweet,
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  1. It looks great & that you're having loads of fun. yet, i cannot stand the sight of tomatoes! Hahaha

  2. The diner looks so cool! Sounds like you had an amazing time xx


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